The Technique of using Korean Women’s eyeliner – There are many makeup products that are commonly used to enhance the appearance of the eyes. One of them is eyeliner. This one makeup product can make the eyes more lively and charming.

The Technique of using Korean Women’s eyeliner

But what is no less important to note is the technique of using it. Each use technique will certainly produce a different appearance. Well, one that is quite popular is the eyeliner look of Korean girls. Usually, the appearance of the eyeliner of Korean girls is indeed fairly natural so that it can exude the natural beauty of the face.

Then, what is the technique of using eyeliner in the style of Korean girls so that your appearance remains natural? Check out the details that we have quoted from the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website below.

  1. Bold Half Moon Eyes

The first technique to use eyeliner in the style of a Korean girl that you can try is the bold half-moon eyes. This technique is suitable for you to use to get a more intense eye appearance. In fact, the beautiful Korean singer, IU also uses it often, you know.

When making it, make the line a little longer at the outer corner of the eye and then draw it towards the inner eye line. After that, make a line from the corner in the lower eye line towards the center.

To make it easier to apply, please choose pencil or marker type eyeliner. In addition, what needs to be noted is that you should choose the waterproof type so that it is more durable and tidier.

  1. Natural Half Moon Eyeliner

Next, you can try the natural half-moon eyeliner technique. This technique can be an option to display a sharper but still natural eye impression. How to make it can be started by emphasizing the line of the eyelids.

Please make a line starting from the outside of the eyelid towards the tip of the inside of the eyelid. After that, please thicken the eyeline line of the outer corner of the eye gently and slowly.

  1. Puppy Eyes

This eyeliner technique is certainly no stranger to talking about Korean girl beauty. With simple characteristics, you can make it easily. The trick, simply by applying eyeliner starting from before the inner corner of the eyelid leads to the cheek. This natural shape makes the eyes rounder and bigger.

  1. Classy Monolid Eyeliner

No less recommended than the previous one, this technique of using eyeliner in the style of a Korean girl can also show beautiful eyes. The key to using this eyeliner technique is to ensure the right thickness for the inner eyeliner.

So that the results fit, please apply with open eyes. You can start by making a floating line or floating eyeliner right in the crease area of ​​the eye. After that, fill the inside starting from the middle area to the outer edge of the eye.

That’s some of the things we can say to all of you, hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you. Don’t forget to visit the website of Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia to get a variety of other interesting information.