Tips The Fake Eyes Are Not DamagedOf all the parts of your face, which one do you like the most? What are the eyes? Nose or eyebrows? If your answer is heavier on the eyes, besides using soft lenses to beautify the eyeballs. You can also try the eyelash extension treatment.

Tips The Fake Eyes Are Not Damaged

This treatment is much better than manually applying false lashes. So, what should you do after you try the eyelash extension treatment? Can the implanted lashes last longer than their actual age? How to keep artificial lashes from falling out and getting damaged?


In our eyes there are several components, one of which is eyelashes. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have curly and thick lashes. That’s why artificial eyelash installation treatment is very popular in beauty salons. So that your eyelash extensions last a long time, avoid the following habits Tips The Fake Eyes Are Not Damaged :

  1. Rub Or Rub Eyes When Cleaning Face

Some people sometimes have bad habits when cleaning their face, one of which is rubbing or rubbing their eyes hard. Especially if the eyes are filled with eyeliner. Even though cleaning the face too hard not only removes the foundation but also the false lashes. Avoid the risk of losing lashes by washing your face in moderation. Pat your face gently with a soft towel, especially on the eyes.

  1. Use an Oilbased Cleanser instead of a Waterbased Cleanser

Another bad habit that people often forget after eyelash extensions is applying oil-based cleanser to their make up. As a result, the artificial eyelash glue begins to lose strength, which makes it easier for the lashes to fall out. Rather than an oil-based cleanser, some therapists recommend a water-based cleanser. This facial cleanser is easy to absorb into the skin and does not damage the quality of the eyelash extension glue. For those of you who are accustomed to using oil-based cleansers, please change the cleanser first before applying it as usual. This method is much smarter than you keep damaging false lashes.

  1. Sleep on your stomach

Ironically sleeping position also affects the quality and durability of your artificial lashes. If you want to keep your lashes aged, try sleeping on your back. If necessary, use pillows and bolsters as bed companions and reminders. The prone sleeping position not only compresses the lashes but also damages the eyelash extension glue. As a result, artificial lashes that should be strong fall out due to the glue which decreases in quality from day to day.

  1. Soaking in the Sauna

Apart from avoiding the habit of sleeping on your stomach, you are also obliged to avoid the habit of soaking in warm water in a sauna or bath tub. Why? Because the hot temperature of warm water has a bad effect on the durability of the eyelash extension glue. You don’t want artificial lashes to break and fall out, do you? if forced to take a warm shower, try not to soak but take a shower immediately as usual. So that far less hot steam touches the eyelash extension glue.

  1. Using Waterproof Eyelash Makeup

And the last habit that is often done by women accidentally is to use waterproof eyeliner or mascara. Whereas using waterproof facial makeup on false lashes carries a high risk of damaging its strength. Why? Of course, because waterproof eyeliner and mascara are much more difficult to clean than ordinary make-up products. The longer you clean your lashes, the more glue will come off.

Unfortunately, there are still many women who follow these five habits after the eyelash extension treatment. As a result, artificial lashes that should last a long time become damaged more quickly and need to be re-treated. So that you don’t experience these conditions, try to avoid the five habits above. Do the opposite activity so that the artificial lashes remain durable, neat and beautiful. eyelashes manufacturer indonesia