How to Reduce Red Eyes – Don’t be nervous when you have red eyes. Because, red eyes are only temporary. You can get rid of red eye with the following methods. Generally, red eye occurs when a foreign object or substance enters the eye. For another reason, red eye can also occur when the eye is infected. You don’t need to be afraid if you have red eye that is caused by these two aspects. Because, the red eyes will only be temporary.

How to Reduce Red Eyes

Red eyes that arise without pain are generally not a risk, but a person may always feel uncomfortable sensations in the organs of vision. The right medicine for dealing with red eye in someone related to special triggers such as careless use of makeup, and poor quality makeup products, quoted from the eyelashes manufacturer Indonesia, some of the following are believed to ease discomfort in most red eye problems:

  1. Warm compress

This stage can be started with you soaking a towel in warm water and then wring it out. Put a towel on the eye that is experiencing problems for about 10 minutes. The heat released by the towels is believed to increase blood circulation to the eye area. Warm towel compresses can also increase oil production on the eyelids which can indirectly reduce dryness of the eyes.

  1. Cold compress

If a warm compress doesn’t work, you can take the opposite approach. Take a towel to soak in cold water, then wring it out. Cold compresses are also believed to provide short-term encouragement for signs of red eye. This method has also been tested to reduce swelling and reduce itching due to irritation. When compressing the eye, make sure you recognize the temperature on the towel you want to use. That means to stay away from excessive temperature stings in the area near the eyes which will aggravate the problem.

  1. Using eye drops

Eye drops can be used to treat dryness of the reddened eye while keeping it clean. However, eye drops can evoke varying responses from person to person.

So, it is recommended that you first ask your doctor before using it. Relieving eye redness with the method of dropping eye drops in a long time is also not recommended because of the risk of causing swelling and worsening the condition.

Related to the factors, but cases of red eye can often be treated at home. Here are some tips:

  1. In a regular way, put cold or warm compresses on the reddened eyes.
  2. Stay away from eye make-up or choose safe eye make-up, a lot of it is wrong or buy poor quality items such as glue and cheap lashes, lashes are popular with women, but should you use quality makeup equipment like those produced by Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer namely PT. Sung Shim International.
  3. Take advantage of artificial tear medications that can be found at the nearest drugstore and if you can ask for recommendations or consult a doctor.
  4. Apply an antihistamine drops if the red eye is caused by a special cause, such as a seasonal allergy. Which is useful for minimizing these symptoms.

Maybe this is the only information about How to Reduce Red Eyes that we can provide, hopefully the information provided can relieve the red eye that you are experiencing. may be useful.